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Snoozebaby, the Dutch mid-to-high-end baby textile accessory brand, designs cheerful, functional and playful baby and toddler products, like comfort blankets, wrapping blanket, playmats and cuddle toys.

Very original to give as a maternity gift, a gift with style. All products are characterized by the now famous labels, which vary in color, material and design. A Dutch brand that you can safely give as a maternity gift or at a baby shower.

Our biggest distinction lies in the softness of the fabrics and the labels; these cannot be missed on any of the products. All Snoozebaby accessories offer peace and comfort. By feeling, fiddling, thumb-sucking and stroking the soft fabrics and labels, babies create their own comfort zone. The soft fabrics have a calming effect which satisfies your baby’s needs and make him fall asleep or stay put in the car or buggy longer. Feeling on all the labels stimulates their sense of touch and promotes their fine motor skills.

Although the Snoozebay products are made by hand and with the utmost care, we advise to check allthe labels after every wash!