Save points

At you can save points that will give you a discount on your next purchase. 10 points means you get a whopping €5 discount!

How it works

For every €10 you spend on items in the webshop, you receive 1 point. Once you have saved 10 points, you will automatically receive the option to exchange your points for a €5 discount on your next order.


A number of conditions apply to saving and spending points. These conditions are described below:

  • you save 1 point per €10 that you spend on an item: the shipping costs do not count;
  • you may redeem a maximum of 10 points per order;
  • the points are valid for 2 years and, if not used, the points expire;
  • the points cannot be exchanged if you also want to use a discount code in the same order. You can redeem the points for your next order.

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