At we have a wide assortment of personalised maternity gifts. From baby bathrobe and hooded baby towel, to stuffed toys and complete bundles. 

You can choose to embroider the name of the baby on a bathrobe or hooded towel from our own brand Personalised stuffed toys and cuddle cloths are of course part our gift. What about our bestseller the Happy Horse Rabbit Richie, with the name embroidered on its ear? Of a lovely, soft cuddle cloth of wrapping blanket by Snoozebaby?

At we choose quality ánd safety. We choose to embroider instead of printing, because the embroidery will not come off. A necessity when your little loves to suckle its new cuddly toy! Embroidery will go through the fabric, which makes it safe, but it will also show at the back of the ear of the stuffed toy or at the back of the cuddle cloth. It will also show at the inside of the bathrobe and the hooded towel.