Gift wrapping

You can choose to have the maternity gift wrapped, after which it can be delivered to the new parent(s) themselves. In the last step, at checkout, a congratulatory text can be entered. This text comes on a nice card that we send with the gift. Make sure you state your (company) name, so the recipient knows who the gift belongs to.

We have the following packing options:

  • small products (the smallest suitcases, tuttles, books, etc.) are wrapped in a beige paper with white dots.
  • we pack baskets in cellophane.
  • We also pack large Rabbit Richies (Rabbit Richie Big) in cellophane, because we cannot wrap these cuddly toys nicely in the wrapping paper.

For these exceptions, of course, you can also choose from different colors of ribbons.

We have the following options for the color of the ribbons to wrap the gift:

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Mand-badjas-brownclay_knuffel-me-beer_bear-bella_bijtring-ster-400×400-removebg-preview (1)


Koffer-M-zilver_zoro_funnies-slab-spenendoekje-cream_little-dutch-rammelaar-400×400-removebg-preview (1)


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