On this page you will find all our maternity gifts that fit through the mailbox. This reduces shipping costs and the recipient does not need to be at home. These packages are shipped with track & trace.

Mailbox Maternity Gift

At, you can easily order a beautiful maternity gift. We offer a choice of personalized and non-personalized maternity gifts. For convenience, we have created a separate category of maternity gifts that fit through the mailbox! This is convenient for the recipient and friendly for the wallet. A mailbox maternity gift is shipped with track & trace, which is very nice.

Maternity Gift with Name

A baby bathrobe with name, a bath cape with name, or a personalized stuffed animal? At, you’re always in the right place. We have many different options for items, so you’ll definitely find what you’re looking for. Our bathrobes are of excellent quality terry velour, as with 450g/m² instead of the usual 360g/m², you can definitely feel the difference! The bathrobes are, of course, made of 100% cotton. Due to the luxurious quality, they feel very thick and wonderfully soft. We offer 3 color schemes of our own brand: plain white, white with a light pink trim, and white with a light blue trim.

In addition, we have the beautiful, trendy bathrobes from the Funnies brand in our assortment. And with no less than 8 different colors, there’s sure to be a favorite for you. We also embroider a name of your choice on the Funnies baby bathrobes.


Did you know that you can choose from 8 fonts, 22 embroidery thread colors, and whether you want the name embroidered on the front or back? With an optional crown above the name and/or a company logo on the bathrobe or bath cape? This ensures you of a unique and personal maternity gift with name. For example, we embroider the name on a bathrobe or bath cape, on stuffed animals and cuddle cloths. Additionally, we have plenty of options for items that we do not personalize or where personalization is an option. This is indicated on the item itself. The assortment changes regularly, as we find it important to keep renewing.

Safety First

At, we aim for quality and safety. We have beautiful, high-quality brands in our assortment. We choose embroidery over printing because the embroidery will not come off. This is great if your little one loves to chew on their new stuffed animal! Embroidery goes through the fabric, making it visible on the back of the stuffed animal’s ear, cuddle cloth, and cuddle blanket. The embroidery is also visible on the bathrobe and bath cape, but on the inside.

Are you interested in having a (company) logo embroidered on a bathrobe? Please contact us to discuss this and how we would like to receive the logo.