Pauline Oud

Please note, all the books we sell are in Dutch.

The beautiful and colorfully illustrated fill-in books by Pauline Oud are to keep forever!

Pauline’s fill-in books come in different versions. So whether you want to record your maternity time or the entire first year of your child, everything is possible. Very suitable to give as a maternity gift due to the colorful designs. Practical and fun and great fun to read when the little one is no longer a little one.

Colorful and playful illustrated by Pauline Oud printed on high-quality paper and provided with a linen spine with ribbon that holds the pages together, these books are a perfect gift to record the first experiences and impressions and enjoy them for a long time to come.

Pauline Oud was born in Hilversum in 1963, and has now been working as an author and illustrator for over 25 years.

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