Karina Schaapman – Het Muizenhuis

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Het Muizenhuis was created by Karina Schaapman. It is not a dollhouse, but the setting for her series of children’s books. The house is made of cardboard boxes and paper mache.

Please note: all the book we sell are written in Dutch.

Waste materials, authentic fabrics and mini works of art by real artists were often used for the interior. The Mouse House next door is no less than three meters high and two meters wide. It took Karina three years to build it.

Het Muizenhuis is the creation of Karina Schaapman (Leiden, 1960). In 2008 she decided to make a children’s book. Not with illustrations, but with photos of scenes from the house. For three years she built the Muizenhuis, which is now on display in the Public Library in Amsterdam. For each subsequent book she built more sets, such as a theater, a fair and a harbor.